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What Makes for a Great Engineering Workplace?

Engineering is one of the most critical occupations in the United States today. Engineers are needed to provide the technological leadership and innovation that is necessary to accelerate United States’ economic prosperity. Yet, we are dealing with a double whammy: there is a shortage of engineers in the United States, a finding that has led the National Academy of Engineering to re-emphasize engineering education for 2020. At the same time, engineers leave the field at a rate four times that of doctors, three and a half times that of lawyers and judges, and 15-30% more than nurses or college teachers (Preston, 1994). The status quo cannot be sustained and something has to change. While we need to train more engineers, it is also critical to fully engage the engineers currently working in the field. The payoff for investing your time and effort to this research is potentially big: change the national conversation and provide critical data to policy-makers, organizations, and other stakeholders.

What Makes a Workplace Great for Engineers?

Only you can help us answer this question! This study, the first of its kind, is designed to systematically document what engineers enjoy most (and least) about their jobs, workplaces, and ultimately, the engineering profession. For this purpose, we are conducting a nation-wide survey of women and men who are currently working as engineers. This research will help us gain an understanding of the most important workplace and career experiences that matter to YOU in your current engineering role.

This is the reason we are reaching out to you. We need your help to provide critical data that can enable organizations, educators, and policy-makers to thoughtfully craft initiatives that optimize engineers’ engagement in technical careers and workplaces, and “out-build, out-educate, and out-innovate” future competitors.   

 This survey will ask you about your workplace, your thoughts about your organizational and work experiences, and your career choices among other topics. The survey will take you approximately 25 minutes. We realize we are asking you for a lot of your time, but for the first time ever, we have a real chance to change the conversation beyond sound bites and anecdotes and provide data backed by rigorous social science.

Please do contribute your time and ideas to this project that aims to provide the impetus for change: you represent hundreds of others who have not been invited to participate in this research and your voice greatly matters. As a small token of our appreciation for all your invaluable time and insights, we are offering an opportunity to enter into a raffle for a combination of large and small gift certificates worth $5000 at

Many thanks, in advance, for your help and support!


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